venerdì 12 marzo 2010

Version 0.2.0

First of all thank you everyone for using Handex!

Here is the changelog for this new version:

- "Info" message changed; now there is a little help with "Getting Started", "Switch Index" and "Refresh Index" sections.

- Now you can interrupt the loading process of a file; just in case you have tapped on a big wrong file. :-)

You can find the new version on SlideME, as usual.

martedì 2 marzo 2010

New release 0.1.2

Another release with minor bug fixes, check it out!

mercoledì 3 febbraio 2010

New release 0.1.1

Hi! New release!

In this one, the 0.1.1, I have done minor tweaks to the UI.

For all of you who are curious of the new Handex, here are two screenshots of this release (the same screenshots of the Market):

martedì 2 febbraio 2010

Hello, Handex!

First release out!